Plan B: The details
2010/10/10 22:08:56 -07:00

Last week I attended the JCP Executive Committee meeting in Bonn, Germany, to present Oracle’s proposal for Plan B. I’m pleased to report that the response to the technical content was constructive and generally positive. I hope to submit the Umbrella JSRs for Java SE 7 and Java SE 8 shortly, after a few remaining issues are resolved.

For the record, and since people have been asking, here’s a summary of the key features we’re proposing for these two releases.

Java SE 7 — Mid 2011

(Some items in the JDK 7 feature list are not present here because they are specific to the JDK rather than general Java SE Platform features.)

Java SE 8 — Late 2012

These lists should be considered neither exhaustive nor final—they are merely the starting points at which the Expert Groups for the Umbrella JSRs will begin their deliberations.