IBM to join OpenJDK
2010/10/11 12:01:54 -07:00

I’m very pleased that IBM and Oracle are going to work more closely together, and that we’re going to do so in the OpenJDK Community. IBM engineers will soon be working directly alongside Oracle engineers, as well as many other contributors, on the Java SE Platform reference implementation—starting with JDK 7.

I expect IBM’s engineers to contribute primarily to the class libraries, working with the rest of us toward a common source base for use atop multiple Java virtual machines. We each have significant ongoing investments in our respective JVMs; that’s where most of the enterprise-level feature differentiation between our respective products is found, and it makes sense for that to continue. Focusing our efforts on a single source base for the class libraries will accelerate the overall rate of innovation in the JDK, improve quality and performance, and enhance compatibility across all implementations.

Our tighter collaboration will be evident not just in OpenJDK but also in the Java Community Process. IBM has endorsed Oracle’s proposal for Java SE 7 and Java SE 8, which already has strong support from across the community. We’ll also join forces to enhance the Java Community Process so that it remains the primary standards body for Java specifications.

This is excellent news, for the Java SE Platform and for OpenJDK. I’ve gotten to know many of IBM’s top Java engineers over the years, and I now look forward to working more closely with them.