When planets collide
2008/04/23 21:11:00 -07:00

About a year ago Mark Wielaard suggested listing some of the blogs from Planet Classpath on Planet JDK.

It’s past time to do that, especially since so many of the Classpath folks have spent serious quality time over the last year with the OpenJDK code, whether to port it, integrate it into Linux distributions, or just hack on it—sometimes in ways that no one at Sun would’ve expected.

So, earlier today I added the following blogs to Planet JDK: Andrew Haley, Andrew Hughes, Christian Thalinger, David Gilbert, Francis Kung, Jeroen Frijters, Joshua Sumali, Lillian Angel, Mario Torres, Mark Wielaard, Roman Kennke, Steph Meslin-Weber, and Tom Fitzsimmons.

Welcome! I’m confident that the outcome of this change will be more constructive than that of some previous planetary collisions.