Project Jigsaw: On the next train
2012/09/21 09:24:06 -07:00

I recently proposed to defer Project Jigsaw from Java 8 to Java 9.

Feedback on the proposal was about evenly divided as to whether Java 8 should be delayed for Jigsaw, Jigsaw should be deferred to Java 9, or some other, usually less-realistic, option should be taken.

The ultimate decision rested, of course, with the Java SE 8 (JSR 337) Expert Group. After due consideration, a strong majority of the EG agreed to my proposal.

In light of this decision we can still make progress in Java 8 toward the convergence of the higher-end Java ME Platforms with Java SE. I previously suggested that we consider defining a small number of Profiles which would allow compact configurations of the SE Platform to be built and deployed. JEP 161 lays out a specific initial proposal for such Profiles.

There is also much useful work to be done in Java 8 toward the fully-modular platform in Java 9. Alan Bateman has submitted JEP 162, which proposes some changes in Java 8 to smooth the eventual transition to modules, to provide new tools to help developers prepare for modularity, and to deprecate and then, in Java 9, actually remove certain API elements that are a significant impediment to modularization.

Thanks to everyone who responded to the proposal with comments and questions. As I wrote initially, deferring Jigsaw to a Java 9 release in 2015 is by no means a pleasant decision. It does, however, still appear to be the best available option, and it is now the plan of record.