JDK 8: General Availability
2014/03/18 11:51:49 -07:00

Two years, seven months, and eighteen days after the release of JDK 7, production-ready builds of JDK 8 are now available for download!

Thanks! A major new release of a software system as large as the JDK is the direct work of many hundreds of developers, with indirect contributions from thousands more. By way of thanks I’d like to mention the major contributors here specifically:

Many smaller — but no less important — contributions were made via the JEP Process and in other ways by many other developers, including (but not limited to!) the following: Niclas Adlertz, Lance Andersen, Sundar Athijegannathan, Jaroslav Bachorik, Joel Borggrén-Franck, Andrew Brygin, Brian Burkhalter, Rickard Bäckman, Sergey Bylokhov, Suchen Chien, Brent Christian, Iris Clark, Sean Coffey, John Coomes, John Cuthbertson, Joe Darcy, Dan Daugherty, Mike Duigou, Xue-Lei Fan, Michael Fang, Robert Field, Daniel Fuchs, Mikael Gerdin, Jennifer Godinez, Zhengyu Gu, Kurchi Hazra, Chris Hegarty, Erik Helin, David Holmes, Vladimir Ivanov, Henry Jen, Yuka Kamiya, Karen Kinnear, Vladimir Kozlov, Marcus Lagergren, Jan Lahoda, Staffan Larsen, Doug Lea, Sergey Malenkov, Stuart Marks, Eric McCorkle, Keith McGuigan, Rob McKenna, Michael McMahon, Morris Meyer, Sean Mullan, Alejandro Murillo, Kelly O’Hair, Frederic Parain, Bhavesh Patel, Petr Pchelko, Oleg Pekhovskiy, Valerie Peng, Anthony Petrov, Pavel Porvatov, Tony Printezis, Joe Provino, Yumin Qi, Phil Race, Tom Rodriguez, Leonid Romanov, Vicente Romero, John Rose, Bengt Rutisson, Vinnie Ryan, Abhijit Saha, Dmitry Samersoff, Paul Sandoz, Naoto Sato, Thomas Schatzl, Alexander Scherbatiy, Harold Seigel, Konstantin Shefov, Xueming Shen, Serguei Spitsyn, Kumar Srinivasan, Lana Steuck, Attila Szegedi, Christian Thalinger, Igor Veresov, Hannes Wallnöfer, Joe Wang, Max Wang, Roland Westrelin, Brad Wetmore, Jesper Wilhelmsson, Hinkmond Wong, Dan Xu, Jiangli Zhou, and Alexander Zuev.

More than code Contributions of reviews, tests, and test results are just as important as contributions of code. Oracle’s internal quality and performance teams did their usual thorough job, and feedback from the wider Java community was equally valuable.

Over 400 of the more than 8,000 bug and enhancement issues addressed in JDK 8 were reported externally. These reports came in throughout the release cycle, enabled by our regular posting of weekly builds, but naturally the rate increased after we posted the Developer Preview build in September. The following early testers who submitted significant bug reports deserve special mention:

Valuable reports continued to come in after we posted the first Release Candidate build in early February. Of the small number of bugs fixed after that build, two were reported externally: A serious signature bug in the lambdafication of the Comparator API, and a nasty correctness bug in the implementation of default methods.

Launch! I’ll host the official Java 8 Launch Webcast at 17:00 UTC next Tuesday, 25 March. Join me for an open question-and-answer session with panel of key Java 8 architects, and to hear from a number of other special guests, by signing up here.