Java SE 7: Final Release
2011/07/19 07:42:58 -07:00

Late last night the JCP SE/EE Executive Committee finished voting on the Final Approval Ballots for Java SE 7 and its constituent JSRs. I’m happy to report that all of them were approved:

  • JSR 203: More New I/O APIs for the Java Platform (NIO.2) by Alan Bateman;

  • JSR 292: Supporting Dynamically Typed Languages on the Java Platform (InvokeDynamic) by John Rose;

  • JSR 334: Small Enhancements to the Java Programming Language (Project Coin) by Joe Darcy; and, last but not least,

  • JSR 336: Java SE 7, the Umbrella JSR for the Platform itself.

My thanks and congratulations to the Specification Leads of these JSRs and to everyone else who contributed, in ways both large and small.

At this point all of the work required to define the abstract Java SE 7 Platfom in the JCP is done but the actual product, JDK 7, is not quite finished. Here at Oracle we’re busy wrapping up final testing of the release candidate, build 147. If all goes well then that will be declared the GA build on 28 July per the schedule posted in January. Oracle’s commercial binaries, based almost entirely on OpenJDK code, will be published that day; implementations from other vendors will follow.