Upcoming gig: JavaOne 2009
2009/05/28 09:36:32 -07:00

This is a particularly-intense, insanely-busy JavaOne for me, with four scheduled appearances—though one of them is less than obvious.

  • JDK 7 I’ll open the Java SE track with an in-depth look at the work going on in the JDK 7 Project, an update on the OpenJDK Community, and plenty of time for questions. (TS-5362: Tuesday, 10:50am, Gateway 102/3)

  • Technical Keynote In a twenty-minute segment of Bob Brewin’s general session I’ll present a high-level overview of JDK 7 with particular emphasis on Project Coin, the Da Vinci Machine, and Project Jigsaw / JSR 294. (Tuesday, 1:30pm)

  • The Modular Java Platform & Project Jigsaw This session will be a deep dive into the nuts and bolts of the Jigsaw module system and its use in modularizing both applications and the JDK itself. Immediately after this session, in the same room, Alex Buckley will discuss the finer points of JSR 294. (TS-5359: Wednesday, 9:45am, Gateway 102/3)

  • The Modular Java Platform Q&A In this evening BOF Alex and I will take questions, comments, and suggestions on both Jigsaw and JSR 294. (BOF-5360: Wednesday, 7:45pm, Gateway 102/3)

See you next week!