Goodbye TeamWare, hello Mercurial!
2007/12/04 22:15:06 -08:00

I clearly recall my first days at Sun back in 1996, hacking on JDK 1.1 under intense deadline pressure and routinely cursing TeamWare as it ground through yet another thirty-minute bringover command on my poor little UltraSPARC workstation.

In the intervening years our machines have grown exponentially faster but our code base has grown exponentially larger—or so it seems—and thus the time required for this basic operation has remained fairly constant.

As of today I’m happy to be able to flush those painful memories into long-term archival storage.

The OpenJDK code base for JDK 7 now officially resides in our brand new Mercurial repositories, and the equivalent operation takes about a minute.

A big thank-you to Kelly O’Hair, who drove this project and whose dual blogs (here and here) contain a wealth of information about the choices we made along the way and provide a glimpse into what life will be like in this brave new world.

Major contributors to the effort included Tim Bell, Iris Clark, Jessie Collet, Daniel Fuchs, Jonathan Gibbons, Jim Holmlund, Xiomara Jayasena, David Katleman, Seema Malkani, Alexander Potochkin, and Peter Zhelezniakov. Many others across the team also helped out, including (but not limited to) Luis-Miguel Alventosa, David Bristor, John Coomes, Bae-Chul Kim, Keith McGuigan, Yuri Nesterenko, Phil Race, Andreas Sterbenz, Lana Steuck, Erik Trimble, and Brad Wetmore.

Thanks everybody!